D-Licious Kebab

D-licious is a family ran business founded in 2007 at the heart of Newcastle. We have since become very popular and well established amongst the locals, as well as customers from further afield.

At D-licious, our fine dishes and curries are created using only high-quality ingredients carefully hand-picked by our Award-Winning Master Chef to ensure complimentary infusions of flavours and aromas

From our donner meat to fillet burgers, from southern fried chicken to pizzas, we are undoubtedly original and unique. Our one-of-a-kind recipes are by far unmatched, as they are simply works of genius. Here at D-licious it has been said that the ‘passion for cooking can be tasted with every bite’.

The team pride themselves in serving exceedingly good food alongside unbeatable customer service; which are the two key components of D-licious Takeaway.

To join in with the D-licious experience that is already being appreciated by so many, do not hesitate to place an order via telephone or internet today.

Our Specials